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DHR Support Services Ltd

Caring for those with Autism and Learning Disability

“We aspire towards contributing to health and wellbeing by providing the best support to individuals affected by Autism and Learning Disability”

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Our managers begins their careers with us as care workers and fully understand the important role our carers play

We match our carers base on our service user requirements

Our service users are involved for the recruitment process

Our well trained dedicated staff will cater a better service

Our service users day begin with clear and meaningful structure. They will have sufficient options in their daily tasks

We have accessible support network if in case staff need additional expert support

What we don’t do

We do not use the agency staff who cannot update their knowledge and understanding regularly

We do not show the disability to market our services. We only promote their ability to explore new avenues

We do not admit a service user if we are not confident to satisfy his/her needs As DHR Support services has their own homes to accommodate service users, adding to our financial stability.